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2 years ago

I Love the SINGER 7469Q Computerized Sewing Machine. Read My Review


Note: This is a review, click here to visit the SINGER 7469Q site.

I'm a beginning sewer and I've had this machine for four months now. So far I've made a shower curtain and two pillow cases with a cotton/poly blend and 1 thin cotton pillow case, plus fixed canvas curtains that were ripped in my home. I've also played around with all of the neat stitches, testing them one by one on some remnant cloth, and I've even been able to figure out the button-hole feature with the help of the manual. It was my first time switching the foot and the needle, but I was able to read the directions and do it in less than half an hour, plus a little extra time for practice before I did it on the actual material. The buttons are easy to use and the stitches are simple to switch with the push of a button--I was worried about this since I'm not great with technology--but it really couldn't be easier.


My experience has been nothing less than fabulous with this machine. The settings are easy for a beginner to use, the extra length of the add-on arm is great for longer items, and it comes with all the attachments I need when I'm quilting (I'm a beginning quilter but haven't used this machine for it yet--I completed my first quilt on an awesome old borrowed Kenmore), and I've found that the straight stitching is just as good as the fancy stitching when using regular materials.

I heard good and bad reviews for this item, with some people saying it was awesome for quilting and others saying it couldn't sew a straight stitch properly. After a crash and burn with the Singer Simple (that couldn't even sew through thin cotton without getting gnarly), I decided the Confidence Quilter was my next route!

Also, one fun fact that I didn't know when ordering: Not only does this machine have the extension arm, but it comes with the regular-sized attachment too in case you don't really need the extension table for the project you're working on. What a great surprise! I was worried that it wouldn't be able to fit into my Singer carrying case, but with the regular attachment it fits just fine.

If you're still not sure, your local JoAnn's may have one you can try out with the help of an associate--that's where I first used a Singer (although it was a Curvy and in my opinion not as user-friendly as this machine).

No complaints--I highly recommend this machine!

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